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November 2011

HMV: Please tell us a bit about yourself:

Dday One: Hello, my name is Dday One, I am a DJ and Producer born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I grew up listening to a lot of music especially Hip-Hop. The fact that Hip-Hop is primarily constructed from elements of other genres influenced me to start collecting records at an early age. After years of collecting and listening, I began DJ-ing in an effort to create my own unique sounds and contribute to the culture. Soon after that I acquired a sampler to help further my personal exploration of sound. The sampler enabled me to create, edit and arrange sounds in traditional ways and expand on what I learned from DJ-ing. In addition to producing I am also the founder and artistic director of the Los Angeles based record label, The Content (L)abel.

HMV: How would you explain your music?

Producing is my primary outlet of expression and I believe my productions are a blend of everything I have encountered and experienced in life so far. So in one word, fusion.

Since my origins are not based in a traditional music background my process tends to be heavily based on intuition, influence, and working the limits of my tools. Sonically, I tend to prefer sounds that encompass a wide range of emotions.

HMV: Please tell us how you feel now that your Loop Extensions and Mood Algorithms are released in Japan.

Dday One: Well, for a long time I have been buying music from Japan and I am influenced by artists like Tomita, Dj Krush and Teruo Nakamura, so to have my releases in the country of their origin, I feel very excited and honored.

When I originally pressed up Loop Extensions in 2005, it was limited to 500 vinyl copies. Through word of mouth the majority of the records spread to Europe and Japan. Out of deep appreciate for this I decided to release “Loop Extensions Deluxe” and “Mood Algorithms”, which is an early works project and kind of an unofficial debut.

HMV:Please tell us how you make the beats, And what is the difference in method from your past and now?

Dday One: I try to keep the work-flow somewhat simple usually starting from inspiration from various sources like records, visuals or ideas. From that point I look for sounds to sample, edit and organize by building tracks homogeneously. I work with a hardware sampler and do all the manipulations “inside the box” working with the limits of the machine like sample-time and effects. Similar to stop motion animation the tracks are created beat by beat and measure by measure using a method of programing called step mode.

Over the years the methods have been constant, the only major additions have been increasing the palette of sounds and applying modern concepts to older technology.

HMV: How did you find this way to make the beats?

Dday One: Starting out I did not have access to a lot of people doing the same thing so I essentially learned from trail and error, reading interviews and listening to a lot of music. A lot of isolation.

I am thankful for this course of progresstion and learning because it allowed me to experiment. Out of curiosity recently I began reading some equipment manuals. It’s difficult nowadays with the internet a lot people tend to look outside of themselves for answers but I think its very import to trust your instincts.

HMV: If you had to let go of either the archive of vinyls or loop & samples, which would you let go of?
And tell us why.

Dday One: Good question (laughs), I would have to say It would be the “loops and samples”. Over the years I have built up an extensive archive of drums and various samples but the records are the source material and the source of inspiration.

HMV: Please give any advice to the beginners for making beats.

Dday One: As far as advice, I would say to study the history. If its hip-hop, study the evolution of styles and try to understand the methods added by various producers. Definitely learn your instrument and have an idea of it’s constraints. Most importantly keep open to the idea of experimenting and remember to have fun.

HMV:: Thank you very much.

Dday One:Thanks HMV and thanks to the supporters in Japan. Make sure to stay updated at

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  1. matB Says:
    November 10th, 2011 at 17:17

    Big UP from Poland!

  2. matB Says:
    November 10th, 2011 at 17:17

    Big UP from Poland!

  3. matB Says:
    November 10th, 2011 at 17:17

    Big UP from Poland!

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