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A side is classic Dday One. The Playdate stems are cut, flipped, rearranged, and hammered out on an sampler. Haunting and evocative, and the Playdate dub ethos is filtered through a hip hop aesthetic.

The B features the very first moments of the Playdate concept. Mssrs Hertz and Ruptash were invited to Brooklyn and met Yusuke Yamamoto (Chimp Beams) and Jeremy Wilms (Chin Chin, Akoya Afrobeat, Fela Show Band) in the studio for the first time. Stems from this session were used for the “Peabody & Sherman‘s Playdate: Dub Workshop Vol. 1″ EP, and parts of this track, in particular, were used for the track “Drifting”. “Peaking” is more or less the track as played, with some editing, dubbing, and the addition of some harmonica parts recorded in Oakland for a completely different session.

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Only 33 Made, 2nd Run, Dday One – Heavy Migration (LTD)

Due to demand for more copies, We Present the 2nd run of “Dday One’s Heavy Migration Photographic Ink Transfer Edition with handmade covers. Each copy was created by Dday One and hand-numbered. Only 33 copies have been made. Get it here:

Dday One Heavy Migration

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Mix: Dday One – Mostly Instrumental – Find Magazine (Netherlands)

Dday One – Mostly Instrumental by The Find Mag on Mixcloud

“Mostly Instrumental”
is a sparkling new The Find guest mix by the Los Angeles based beat maestro. It’s one hour worth of raw drum-heavy, sample-based instrumentals, including material by the likes of DJ Krush, Four Tet, DJ Shadow, Mr. Cooper, Damu The Fudgemunk, Long Arm, Latyrx, Mark The 45 King, and of course a ton of Dday One cuts and (unreleased) remixes.

Instrumental insanity from front to back. As of right now Dday One is recovering from a successful open heart surgery, so we wish him all the best! Eager for more? Then we highly recommend to check his vinyl releases like “Loop Extensions,” “Heavy Migration” & “Mood Algorithms.”

-The Find Magazine

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Update: Thanks To Everyone For Your Love


Quick note! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your love, blessings and support. The open heart surgery went well and the recovery so far has been amazing. I know its due to our collective effort.

Peace -Dday One

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News: Open Heart Surgery Today


Hello everyone, hope all is well.

It’s been a moment,been preparing myself for the “Big Performance” taking place today. This morning (in a few hours) I will be having open heart surgery. The operation is for a congenital heart anomaly called Tetralogy of Fallot /valve replacement.

Please keep me in your thoughts and as always your energy is welcomed!

I would like to take a moment and thank all those that have ever listened, mentioned, purchased my music or supported in any other way. and will be fully operational while recovering.

Okay, looking forward to sharing with you during the healing process and finishing up new material, but first things first!


Dday One

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Video: Outside Your Doorway, Remix, Live Beatmaking

You are watching a live studio version of 2econd Class Citizen’s — Outside Your Doorway (Dday One Remix)…

Recorded at the Revolving Container , Los Angeles, CA

2econd Class Citizen, Dday One – Outside Your Doorway, remix, instrumental hip hop, beat making

Dday One: +‎

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This is a snippet of ” Anechoic Chamber” from Equinox record’s 10 yr anniversary compilation called Counter Future – A Sound Exposure Vol. 3

Release Date: May 17th, 2013 (Digital) / May 24th (Vinyl)

Counter Future is the third release in Equinox Records’ Sound Exposure compilation series, which debuted back in 2004. This album also marks the 50th release on the label and acts as the 10th anniversary compilation, making it a truly special and momentous affair.

Counter Future is far from just a simple label sampler, composed almost entirely of exclusive tracks from the label’s roster and its extended, worldwide family. It is a coherent and unique album that showcases the broad spectrum and various facets of today’s electronic and beat scenes. Across 21 tracks from 17 different artists Counter Future is the most extensive and complete release on the label yet: you’ll find acclaimed French producer Fulgeance alongside long term Equinox artists such as 2econd Class Citizen and Deckard as well as close affiliates and friends including Los Angeles’ Dday One and Glen Porter. Each artist contribute their own unique musical mark to this anniversary release.

Counter Future - A Sound Exposure Vol3

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